Wine Tour Services

Wine Tour Limo Services


Johnny Ray Transportation is here to assist the wine admirers who want to experience the most excellent wineries in town. California is all about nightlife, and it has more than 500 wine producers who offer several wine tours and tastings. We have vacancies for you so book us for a chance to taste unique vintages or even mingle your wine on our tasting tours. Johnny Ray Transportation lets you visit the most luxurious boutique wineries and charming barns in Riverside, Moreno Valley, Temecula, San Diego, and its surroundings. Call us now to book your favourite wine tour limo.


Bus Wine Tours


Johnny Ray provides you with a taste of Southern California wines through a diversity of winery tours. We have winery experts who guide you for tastings and recommend you some great wineries as well. Johnny Ray Transportation is one of the most beloved wine tours limousine companies in the south of Hollywood. We are here to escort you to the winery’s vineyards and or behind the scenes to some of the largest barrel rooms describing the process of winemaking. Discover as much as you want while you get bus wine tours on our exclusive limousines.



Chauffeured Winery Tours


Wine tasting in San Diego has never gone wrong. San Diego wine is the leading player in the team of Chauffeured Winery Tours. You have come to the right spot if you are looking for private wine tour transportation. Our professional chauffeurs take you on a dreamy ride to taste rare wines according to your taste buds. Join us on our private winery tours in Los Angeles and the surroundings as we sip in some excellent wineries. You can now choose your favorite limo to have a ride on with a personal chauffeur.



Hollywood Vineyard Tours

The specialty of our winery tours is that Johnny “the owner” himself drives anyone who is new to the town and assists him in wine tasting as well. We let you visit casinos and pick the best wine that you will savor for a lifetime in your memory. Our chauffeurs make you feel at home when you are taking a ride with them to your favorite vineyard. We make your vineyard tour smooth as well as full of elegance. Pick Johnny Rays Transportation for the luxurious vineyard tours in Hollywood, CA. We promise you will have quality time during your wine tours with us. Give us a call to book your next Hollywood Wine tour.



Wine Tasting in Hollywood, CA

If you are to plan a wine tasting course in your surroundings, go no further than Johnny Rays Transportation. We have mastered the art of wine tasting and wine tours in Hollywood, CA. Wine lovers know what original wine is and we get you the best wine in town so you keep up your taste buds. We facilitate you with high-quality service and promise you a smooth ride to your favorite vineyard. We provide you with a struggle-free Wine Tasting Tour in Hollywood, CA with your family, companions, and coworkers. Our customers are our family and we do our best to cater to them.


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